How Can Online Ludo Be As Fun As The Traditional One?

In the past few years, the popularity of online boardgames has gained momentum. It has brought people together like the conventional boardgames always have in yesteryear. It was assumed that the boardgames the millennials grew up playing have lost their charm but to everybody’s surprise, the craze for online boardgames rose when people started playing more games online. One particular online boardgame that people love and religiously play is Ludo.

Ludo has always been considered a children’s game but adults also enjoy it because why not? It is a game of strategy and luck with too much entertainment guaranteed. Ludo is a multiplayer board game where two to four people can participate. A Ludo board is a square-shaped board with similar shaped boxes mainly colored Red, Blue, Bright yellow and Green. The ludo board has a cross-shaped playspace in which all the players are required to complete one lap by reaching the square-shaped box in the middle.

In the online Ludo boardgame the rules are the same, but features are different compared to its conventional counterpart. You don’t have to be physically present with your family or friends to play this game online. Even if miles away, you and your family can play Ludo online by logging in from your respective accounts. A chat feature is also available where you can drop texts and emojis to keep the game more fun and interactive just like in those old days. Besides these features, you can also play an offline game with your friends or family at home when you are missing the ludo board with you.

To play online game of Ludo you don’t have to go through any long process to create an account. Just log in from your Facebook account and there you go! You have your Ludo account. You can also send invites to your friends and family to join in too. Online Ludo is a game that brings you closer to your loved ones even if you are miles away from them.

Meanwhile, the chat feature is praiseworthy but also the rewards you get for playing games online are also a cool feature. You get rewarded with digital coins that you can only use in that game only. For instance, if you lose a game while playing Ludo online, you can use those coins to revive yourself or get yourself another life to stay in the game.

On online board games, there is one more popular feature, that is, you also get ranked according to your performance and you could be named as a Ludo star performer. The ranking will mostly be based on your performance while playing Ludo with random people online. You can also collect gems and coins from your friends or other players while playing Ludo games online, which helps you for your revival in the game.

With developed graphics in video games and too many arcade games to explore online, online board games like Ludo always holds a special place in people’s heart. Hardcore gamers also go for online board games like Ludo to break the monotony of playing high-graphic video games. However simple the online boardgames are, they always manage to keep you amused. Light-hearted games like Ludo, always keep the fun rolling while you roll the dice while playing it.